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We consider everything we do in our services to be oriented toward worship. Worship is anything we do on purpose to bring honor to God.
Music is a big part of worship. Our music is fun, easy to sing to and fills the sanctuary (ear plugs are available in the lobby). The music is fresh with a current sound. If you listen to popular Christian music much of it will be familiar. Even if you don’t, the music will resonate with your soul! It is more than simply entertainment, it is how we collectively prepare our hearts to hear from God.

We always teach from the Bible, some months we work straight through a specific book of the Bible and other months the message is more topical. Whether going through a specific book or tackling a relevant topic the foundation for every message is the Word of God.


Connecting Time


A very important part of our worship is a designated time in our service we call Connecting Time. Everything we do is about connecting from the donuts and coffee when you arrive to passing the peace and meeting new people. Connecting Time is set apart in the middle of the service for you to connect with God. We believe that God moves and speaks to people differently and so we provide many avenues for you to connect with God. 


We don't take communion every Sunday but when we do it is an act of worship. Communion is the opportunity for us to be unified with every believer in the world as we partake together in remembering who Jesus was and that He died for the salvation of the world.


We have bank of candles in the back of our sanctuary designed to help you pray. We realize that candles have no power, they are just wax and string. But what a candle does to darkness is a great reminder of the power that our prayers have in the name of Jesus. So we light candles as we prayer so that we see the power that light has over darkness.


Jesus asked us to bring our burdens to Him. So during Connecting Time there is opportunity for you to do just that. There is a cross hanging in the sanctuary that you are welcome to nail any burden that you are carrying with you, and leave it there as an act of surrender to the sovereignty of God. These burdens are prayed for every week with the confidence that God will intervene.


For thousands of years altars have been places that people meet with the living God. We use them for the same reason. If you want a place to pray and deal with God our altars open for you during Connecting Time. Come kneel and be restored.


This is no gimmick we honestly believe that the giving of God's tithes and our offering is an act of worship. Worship is about surrendering everything to God and giving back to Him what is His is our response to that call to surrender.

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