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For many of us, Advent was a time of perpetual watchfulness as children. We had Advent calendars with little windows or pockets that must be rushed to every day, to obtain the small treats that were inside. Each day was looked at with much scrutiny: “How many more days until Christmas? What if I miss it?” Everyone was monitored closely to see what came in and out of the house. Each night was met with in- creasing restlessness, not wanting to sleep or even close your eyes because—what if you miss it? What if you miss the magic? What if you miss the wonder? What if you miss Santa Claus on the rooftop or sneaking presents under your tree?

You watch closely each and every day with wonder.

While this story isn’t relatable for everyone, most of us can relate to a time we were anticipating something. A wedding day, the birth of a baby, retirement, a long-worked-for raise—whatever it might be, we know what it is like to watch in extreme anticipation, waiting.