Praying With Jesus

This, then, is how you should pray.

The prayer Jesus taught his disciples, and that followers of Jesus have been praying for centuries, is short, simple, and familiar. But why should we keep praying it? And what are we actually asking for when we do pray it together?

In this 6 week series we will be diving in into The Lord's Prayer as a church family. Children's Church, Youth Group and Sunday service will all be on the same page as we learn to pray from Jesus. There is also a companion book that you can order that will help you go even deeper into the ancient prayer.

In the book "Praying with Jesus", Michael Lodahl breaks down the Lord’s Prayer line by line, infusing fresh meaning into these ancient words. The added biblical context, theological background, and cultural understanding will bring new life to our corporate recitations of this well-known prayer. Click here to order your copy so you have it before we start this new series.