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Current Series 

How Jesus Saves

How does Jesus save us? The doctrine of the atonement, the orthodox Christian belief that Jesus saves, is at the heart of our faith. The cross event plainly names the who, where, when, and why of our salvation. But what about how. How does the death of Jesus on the cross save?

There are multiple theories on the matter, and we will need to draw on many together to make sense of such a cosmic reality. But over these next weeks together, we will wrestle with five Cross Questions to help us grasp the mystery of our faith. 

The cross is a universal symbol of Jesus. It is a clear sign of faith, hope, and love. Simple yet profound, it is immediately recognizable as the shape of Christian faith across the globe and the ages. And yet, after two millennia we still wrestle with all that it means. That is what this series is about. Together, we lean into our Cross Questions and explore, like so many who have come before, how Jesus saves.

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