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I received an email from an amazing member of our church last night that reminded me of a truth that it is easy to loose focus of especially in this time waiting and wrestling with building stuff. In the the email she said, “ when we go to church together we don’t have to be afraid. It doesn’t matter where we meet…we just have to be together to shed our masks and exhale.” These words hit me as if they were written in red and started with Truly Truly I tell you. 


I am writing to inform you that we have entered the next chapter in the building SAGA,  (I use the word saga because like Star Wars this could have all ended "a long time ago”).  This update has the chance to disheartening, but I challenge you to find the hope in it. Our TOP (temporary occupancy permit) expired and we still do not have a SUP (special use permit) so the city informed us on Monday 5/27 that we not allowed to meet at the address 1380 E 5th St until the issuing of our SUP. We are set to go before the Planning Commission on July 31st. It is at this meeting that we will either be granted the SUP or denied the SUP (A bridge that we will cross if we have to). Unfortunately July 31st is not a typo and because of that we are going to need to gather in a temporary location through the summer. After a lot of running around and cold calling on several businesses yesterday I believe we found an excellent solution for the summer. Starting this Sunday June 2nd we will be meeting in the Sierra Room at the Carson City Community Center 851E Williams St.(easiest to use the Roop St. entrance). The Sierra Room is located on the Roop St side (west side) of the community. We will have parking attendants out helping people get to where they need to go. One of the bonuses of the Sierra Room is that it actually seats more people than our current location so even in the midst of this transition time you can still invite your friends to join this crazy adventure that is Kingdom building. 


This email will go out to everyone that has filled out a connection card (aren’t you glad you did that?), but we could use your help getting the word out. Call the people that you have numbers for just to make sure they got the message that our summer location is now in the Sierra Room. We will still be meeting at 10AM and we we still have donuts and coffee so feel free to come a little early and hang out.


On a personal note on behalf of the Church Staff and the Board we would to recognize and thank you for your patience and flexibility through this time of transition. No mater where we gather JESUS is there. No matter where we gather WE will be there. No matter where we gather THE KINGDOM will be there. See you Sunday.

I Love My Church!!
Pastor JJ Tuttle

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